Looking for help exploring LOTRO?

LOTRO is by far my favorite MMORPG... and every adventurer in Middle Earth needs a good guide! I may not be as experienced in the wilds as Strider, but worry not! I will not lead you astray. I have explored the world of Middle Earth from the mountains of Ered Luin to the darkest dungeons of Dol Guldur.

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I can still remember the first time I logged into The Lord of the Rings Online. I stumbled into the dank, dark Silver Deep Mines just outside of Thorin's Hall and was shocked to find Gimli...


... about to be brutally crushed by a cave troll!

I played and quested until the wee hours that night, reaching level 12 on my guardian... and have been hooked ever since!

The game devolopers at Turbine have created one of the highest quality and immersive online games I have had the joy to play. It can be daunting at times to find your way, though. From leveling to crafting, class quests to raiding, a player can be overwhelmed by the amount things to do in game. It is my hope that I can provide:

          • Quality Guides
          • Maps
          • Videos
          • Strategies
          • Walkthroughs

I aim help both new players and veterans alike enjoy online gaming as I have.

I have a bit of everything here, so every play style should find something useful.

Are you a crafter? Check out the LOTRO Crafting Guides!

Do you prefer raiding and running instances? Peruse the Maps and Instance Walkthroughs!

I even have a LOTRO Auction House Guide and Gold making guide... only legal gold making methods of course! ;)

And always, if you cannot find a guide or piece of information that would help your journey, please feel free to email me a request!

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