LOTRO Quests Guide:
Finish Your Class Quests, Epic Quests, and More!

My LOTRO Quests Guide will hopefully make completing your class quests and some of the epic quests much easier. These quests usually give you some very good traits and gear and are worth doing.

At level 50 the class quests will grant you your first set of legendary traits... thus they are very much worth your time! In fact this set is in my opinion the best of all the legendaries so far.

At around level 60 you can get the next set of legendary traits from the Epic quest line in Moria, as well as from the class quests there.

When Turbine added the quest tracker into the game things definitely got a lot easier for leveling and such. The class quests still give people some trouble... or at least aren't the most intuitive to complete. This guide should help you complete them quickly, easily, and efficiently :)

SPOILER ALERT: As with most guides and walkthroughs, I'm about to give about information about quests, bosses, etc. that you may not have seen yet. If you want to experience this content "untainted"... then quit reading this now! Otherwise don't cry to me about spoiling the fun!

Champion Class Quests - Level 50

Here is the first set of class quests that will grant the champion his/her legendary traits. Completing this quest line will give you the "Controlled Burn" trait. This skill is one of the best for a champion... highly recommended!

Minstrel Class Quests - Level 50

Completing these quests will give the minstrel the "Fellowships Heart" trait and skill. This is probably the BEST skill a minstrel ever gets... at least up to level 65 so far! It's a huge heal over time (HoT) skill and is a must have for raids and instances.

I hope you found my LOTRO Quests Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other quests or have other requests!

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