LOTRO Traits Guide:
How to Pick the Best Traits for Your Class

My LOTRO Traits Guide should help you pick the right traits for you specific class. Traits are an enormously overlooked aspect of The Lord of the Rings Online. They can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your toon. In fact, most high end raiding kinships require players to have the correct traits at full rank (rank 10 for now)... This is how important they are.

I think that may times people don't level their traits because it can be a flat out grind... as if leveling your toon wasn't enough, now you have to go kill 240 wargs or trolls or whatever else. In my opinion probably one of the worst things Turbine did, but oh well. It's a necessary evil in the game if you want to have a great character.

Knowing the best traits for you class and the best places to grind them can save you a lot of time. This guide will give you that information. I will show you the best traits for each class as well as where to complete the traits. Remember there are four types of traits for each class:

     • Virtue Traits
     • Class Traits
     • Race Traits
     • Legendary Traits

For each class I will explain which are best and where/how to earn them.

Champion Virtues

There are a few options for champs, but most agree with a few choices of setup. Here is my recommendation.

Champion Class Traits
These traits will make a big difference depending on what role you're filling in your fellowship. Find out the best setup for Soloing, AOE build, tanking/off-tanking, and maximizing your single target DPS!

Champion Race Traits
There aren't many choices to play with for race traits, but some are usually overlooked. Find out which will help you and your fellowship most here.
Champion Legendary Traits

Some legendaries are situation specific... some just aren't very "legendary". I'll give you my thoughts and recommendations on what to slot here.

Minstrel Virtues
I've seen a wide variety of traits used on minstrels, but I think there are few setups that best. Find out what they are here.

I hope you found my LOTRO Traits Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other traits related topics or have other requests!

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