Feeling Lost? Can't Find a Quest or Boss? Try the Lotro Maps!

My first instance experience in The Lord of the Rings Online was Carn Dum. A good set of LOTRO maps sure would have been nice ;) We were a group of total newbies that had leveled together from sometime around the Lonelands all the way to level 50. We reached the entrance to the instance and went in...

... there was that sense of excitement and anticipation of the challenges awaiting us inside.

... Which way do we go? Down the hill to the left or straight ahead into that nasty group of uruks and trolls? We wasted quite a bit of time figuring out where we needed to go that day. We must have wandered around for nearly an hour trying to find the morroval boss with the iron gate key. Somehow we missed the little path to the left that takes you there right after the Helchgam fight!

Now Carn Dum is certainly not a difficult instance to navigate... once you've done it! The first time through can be a pain if no one in the group is experienced with it. I have found this to be the case for many instances in The Lord of the Rings Online, like the hall of mirrors and even the grand stair. For this reason I have put together maps of most of the instances and dungeons in the game.

If you're looking for maps of the main zones in the game, check out RusLotro's Dynmap (link opens in new window). Their maps are excellent and have just about every quest mob, location, and anything else you could need.

The Starter Zones
New to the game? Having trouble finding a town or locations for quests? Here you will find most of the maps you need for:

      Ered Luin
      The Shire


Ahhhh Uru! I have such fond memories of the instances from back in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. This instance has some of the class quests items for your legendary traits. It is just plain old fun. Hopefully the maps I've made for it help you clear it out easily!

Carn Dum

Ready for Carn DOOOOOOOOM? This is another of my favorite instances. Now that the level cap is so high it's not visited much, but still it was one of the best. The maps for this instance should help you to find all the keys and bosses easier!

The Mines of Moria Instances
New to the Mines of Moria instances? These are the dungeons where you get tokens for the +10 radiance gear. Most of them are pretty short, but as always they can be confusing if you haven't done them before. Hopefully these maps will save you some trial and error time ;) Here you will find most of the maps you need for:

      The Grand Stair

I hope you found the LOTRO maps helpful. I've tried to put all of the important bosses, gates, points of interest, etc I could think of in them. As always, let me know if you would like to see something here that I haven't included.

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