Is the Lotro Leveling Guide to Be Used With Rest XP?

by Elaynriel

Is the lotro leveling guide meant to be used with or without rest xp? If I'm power leveling will I need to take a break?

Answer from "The Guru":
If you follow the guide closely and don't skip skip any major areas, you shouldn't need any rest xp. I've followed it many times and was able to reach level 65 in 2 to 3 weeks with little to no rest xp.

The rest xp is nice, though, and can speed things up dramatically. One tactic I've found useful is to buy the xp boost with destiny points...

Here's the trick though...

The xp boost goes by a percentage of whatever level you're at. This means you get a lot more from the xp boost at the higher levels.

To take advantage of this, I buy only ONE xp boost per day (it takes 24 hours for it to cooldown). When I hit level 64 I buy all five! This gives you the biggest benefit.

The other option is to pull your face off of the screen and let that rest xp build up! :)

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