Leveling Ranges from the Lotro Leveling Guide

For the level ranges shown in the lotro leveling guide, do you move on to the next questing area once
you've reached that level? Or do you try to complete all of the quests in one area before moving on?

I'm trying to level up fairly quickly, but when I do the quests in Esteldin and Gatson's Farm for the first time (started at level 25), I only manage to get to level 26 before running out of quests that are doable.

Answer from "The Guru":
Thanks for the question! To answer, the guide is intended to show you the various quest hubs and their respective level ranges.

So, for your case, you would indeed be ready to move on once you've completed all of the level 25 - 26 quests around Esteldin and Gatson's Farm. You don't want to do any of the higher level quests in Esteldin because you'll be coming back to finish them up later.

To elaborate, you only want to finish the quests for your quest range. You did the right thing. You went to Esteldin at level 25 and completed all of the level 25 - 26 quests. Those got you to level 26, which is perfect. You now have the option of doing some quests at Mincham's Camp (optional), or heading to Ost Guruth.

Always remember, it's better to be a little ahead in levels early on than to get behind. If you're, say, level 25 still after doing the Esteldin and Gatson's quests you may want to do some deed grinding. Later on you can run some skirmishes to make up the experience. It's much easier to level if you're a level or two ahead and will help you to stay on track in the higher level regions.

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Thanks for the explanation, clears things up for me. The guide has helped me out a lot.

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