LOTRO Auction House Guide:
Selling Hides to Make Gold!

Selling hides at the LOTRO auction house can be an excellent way to make gold. It can also be one of the most time consuming of the resources to gather... but there are usually fewer gold farmers doing it. Always check the auction house to see if the hides are selling for good prices and have enough demand. You don't want to waste a bunch of time killing wolves and wargs or whatever and make no gold!

In this guide I will cover the do's and don'ts of actually posting hides up for auction as well as the best locations for grinding:

     • Light Hide
     • Medium Hide
     • Sturdy Hide
     • Pristine Hide
     • Exceptional Hide
     • Perfect Hide
     • Extraordinary Hide

Do's and Don'ts of Posting Hides
There always seems to me a constantly changing number of people selling hides... sometimes you can pick your prices, other times you can't get them to sell at all! You'll want to check the AH for the hides you want to farm first. Pick one with few sellers but that sell for a good price. If it's selling for less than about 800 silver for a stack of 100 hides, I wouldn't waste my time.

Also sometimes people will just dump their hides for quick money if they're not tailors. This can kill prices on the LOTRO auction house, so be patient. Don't get into a hurry and set your prices lower than they should be. Let the under cutters supply clear out and then sell your stuff.

In general a stack of 100 hides has sold for about 1g, plus or minus a couple hundred silver, for the last couple of years. The best way to find your posting price is to do a search for the specific type of hide you're selling, and then sort by buyout. This will let you quickly see if there are a ton of people selling a type of hide, what you should sell at, etc. But as I said, if there are tons of people selling, say extraordinary hide, you're better off finding a less competitive hide to farm over just cutting your prices for a quick sale.

Basically, check the LOTRO auction houses prices. Find a resource that doesn't have 50 people selling 20 stacks... look for a resource that has as few people as possible selling it and you'll get the best bang for your buck... er time rather ;)

Light Hide
Light hide doesn't usually sell for much, but if you see them selling for a good price in the AH then jump on it! You can farm light hide really quickly.

Farming Locations: My favorite location to farm light hide is in the Shire and Bree-land. In the Shire I like the wolf den area northeast of Michel Delving, north of Waymeet. For Bree-land I like the wolf den in the forest east of Combe.

Medium Hide
This hide is similar to light hide. It usually doesn't sell for much, but check the AH to see. If it is you can farm it quickly and make a quick bit O' gold.

Farming Locations: My favorite place to farm medium hides is in the pig pit north of Bree-town. The other of my favorite spots is in the wolf dens in the Midgewater Pass. There are tons of wolves there that will give you a good supply.

Sturdy Hide
I used to make a good amount of gold off of sturdy hides. It's easy to farm when you're in your mid 40's of level since most of the mobs are easy kills. On level isn't so easy...

Farming Locations: The North Downs has always been my favorite area for this resource. I usually kill the aurochs in Kingsfell or north of Esteldin in Nan Amlug. The aurochs usually drop two hides so if you're high level it's quick and easy. Otherwise kill the wargs all over Nan Amlug north of Esteldin.

Pristine Hide
Pristine hide is often the highest selling of all the other types. It's arguably the best type to farm for making gold. It can also be the most difficult to get. Prices always change and fluctuate, but usually it gets one of the top prices.

Farming Locations: The Trollshaws are my favorite area for pristine hide farming. I usually farm from the wolf dens in Drauglad. If there are people already farming there, I go to Angmar. In the Ram Duath there is a cave claw area north of the earth-kin camp. These are easy kills and there are lots of them there.

Exceptional Hide
This is probably one of the most reliable of the hide types for making gold. Thankfully you can find it in a lot more locations now so it's easier to farm. It used to only be in the Misty Mountains and Angmar and made for some competitive farming!

Farming Locations: My favorite spot is in east Angmar in the cave claw areas north and northeast of Gabilshathur. The cave claws are easy kills and provide a good supply. Forochel has great places all over as well. The wolf and warg dens in Taur Orthonn are great. If you're high level I'd kill the mammoths by Zigilgund, or the aurochs by Janis-Leiri. These usually drop two hides per kill and make the farming faster.

Perfect Hide
You can sometimes make some good gold now farming these nodes. Being the top tier it's usually in the highest demand at the LOTRO auction house.

Farming Locations: Eregion is my favorite area for farming these resources. My favorite place is killing the wargs on the Burnt Tor. Another good source is a bit north of there below the Redhorn Gate.

Extraordinary Hide
The final tier of resources to farm, extraordinary hides are usually the highest demand in the LOTRO auction house as well. These nodes are also usually the most competitive for farming, so they may not be the most time effective way to make gold.

Farming Locations: I like farming the bears in Lothrorien for these hides. Mirkwood also has a good spot. The wolf and warg area south of The Haunted Inn, the Pack-howler's Hill, is a good place.

I hope you found the hide selling section of the LOTRO Auction House Guide helpful... See you over in the other guides for The Lord of the Rings online!

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