LOTRO Auction House Guide:
Selling Jewelry to Make Gold!

This section of the LOTRO auction house guide will help you make the most gold you can with a Jeweler. This is one of the few professions that didn't get screwed with the legendary item system or the radiance gear. There ARE more jewelry drops in some of the instances that are better than crafted jewelry, but the majority of players don't get a chance at them.

This makes being a jeweler a great way to make gold at the auction house. Almost all top tier jewelry is in high demand and sells for around 2 to 8 gold depending on the piece, server you play on, etc. I regularly make around 30 to 40 gold a week just from my weekly recipes.

In this guide I will cover the do's and don'ts of actually posting jewelry up for auction as well as the best pieces to sell, like:

     • Peerless Turtle-shell Bracelet
     • Glowing Aureate Armlet (of power or morale)
     • Glowing Aureate Hoop (of combat, precision, or tactics)
     • Glowing Aureate Band (of morale or tactics)

Do's and Don'ts of Posting Relics
There are usually quite a few players selling jewelry. You'll want to check the AH for the piece of jewelry you want to sell first. If there are tons of people selling then you'll want to hold out for a bit. Wait until the prices are at a decent level, at least 4 gold, before posting. There is no sense in losing out on gold or driving the prices down just because some other wanks are doing it.

I'll go over the best pieces to sell and what you can expect to sell them for.

Peerless Turtle-shell Bracelet
This piece is pretty popular lately with hunters and such. They don't go for as much as the other bracelets, but they are worth selling if you get a recipe. Most of the time you can sell them for around 2 to 4 gold.

Glowing Aureate Armlet
With the changes to crafting these recipes come in a couple forms. The Glowing Aureate Armlet of Power and the Glowing Aureate Armlet of Morale. The armlets of power seem to sell for a lot more on the LOTRO auction house. Armlets of morale go for about 4 to 6 gold, armlets of power for 6 to 8 gold. Therefore I'd go for the armlets of power when you can to maximize your gold.

Glowing Aureate Hoop
Like the bracelets, the earring comes in a few forms. The Glowing Aureate Hoop of Combat, Glowing Aureate Hoop of Precision, and Glowing Aureate Hoop of Precision. The hoop of combat is for melee classes and usually sells for around 6 to 8 gold. Hoops of precision are for ranged classes and sell lower at 4 to 6 gold. The hoop of tactics is for tactical classes and usually sell high around 6 to 10 gold. Obviously since the hoops of combat and tactics sell higher, I'd go for those. Check the auction house to see which will give you the most gold.

Glowing Aureate Band
The rings come in similar forms, the band of morale and the band of tactics. The Glowing Aureate Band of Morale is usually selling for 4 to 8 gold, Glowing Aureate Band of Tactics for 6 to 10 gold. Again, check to see what's selling but I usually go for the band of tactics to make more gold.

There are some other recipes you make from the Siege of Mirkwood... but generally they suck and don't sell for enough to be worth your time.

I hope you found the jewelry selling section of the LOTRO Auction House Guide helpful... See you over in the other guides for The Lord of the Rings online!

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