LOTRO Auction House Guide:
Selling Ore to Make Gold!

Selling ore at the LOTRO auction house has always been one of the top ways many players make gold. It can be pretty time consuming and there are usually gold farmers doing it, but still it is a good way to bolster your gold supply. In this guide I will cover the do's and don'ts of actually posting ore up for auction as well as the best locations for harvesting:

     • Copper and Tin
     • Barrow-iron and Silver
     • Rich Iron and Gold
     • Dwarf-iron and Platinum
     • Ancient Iron and Ancient Silver
     • Kazad-copper and Kazad-tin
     • Kazad-iron and Kazad-gold

Do's and Don'ts of Posting Ore
Ok... I know you really really want to sell that ore to make some gold... but trust me when I say that being in a hurry to dump that ore will only screw yourself and everyone else. Undercutting in the LOTRO auction house is as bad in the game as it is in the real life economy. From my experience, when too many people start playing the lowest price game, it just means everyone has to go farm double the ore to make the same amount of gold.

In general a stack of 100 ore has sold for about 1g, plus or minus a couple hundred silver, for the last couple of years. The best way to find your posting price is to do a search for the specific ore you're selling, then sort by buyout. This will let you quickly see if there are a ton of people selling a type of ore, what you should sell at, etc. But as I said, if there are tons of people selling, say ancient iron ore, you're better off finding a less competitive ore to farm over just cutting your prices for a quick sale.

Basically, check the LOTRO auction houses prices. Find a resource that doesn't have 50 people selling 20 stacks... look for a resource that has as few people as possible selling it and you'll get the best bang for your buck... er time rather ;)

Proper Ore Farming
For some reason a lot of people don't get how ore nodes spawn and end up wasting a lot of their time. The best way to farm a resource is to farm EVERY NODE in the area. Even if you just want to farm silver ore, you still need to farm the barrow-iron ore as well. Spawn points are shared, so if you don't do this you'll end up getting a lot less of the ore you want. Farming every node will make sure you maximize whatever resource it is you want.

Oh... and loot everything... even the gems. Leaving an opal or whatever will make the node stay without respawning... big waste of time! Can't believe how many people do this!

Copper and Tin
Strangely copper and tin has been selling for waaaaaayyyy more than it used to on the LOTRO auction house. Apparently not many people are farming it so it's an easy way to make some quick gold.

Farming Locations: My favorite locations to farm copper and tin are in the Shire and Bree-land. In the Shire I like the area in the marshes north of Michel Delving. For Bree-land I also like the marshes again, the Midgewater Marshes, east of Bree-town.

Barrow-iron and Silver
Silver has always been a big seller. These nodes are usually pretty free from competition and sell well. The silver usually sells for quite a bit more than the barrow-iron.

Farming Locations: My favorite place to farm silver is in the area around Brockenborings and Scary in the Shire. Not many people know about it apparently, and it has a ton of easy nodes to farm.

Rich Iron and Gold
I used to make a lot of gold off of rich iron. It's easy to farm when you're in your mid 40's of level since most of the mobs won't attack you and there is good demand for it.

Farming Locations: The North Downs has always been my favorite area for this resource. I usually make a large circuit from around Gatson's Farm to Orthonn.

Dwarf-iron and Platinum
Dwarf-iron usually sells for a LOT compared to the other ore types. It's arguably the best type to farm for making gold. Prices always change and fluctuate, but usually it gets one of the top prices.

Farming Locations: The Trollshaws are my favorite area for Dwarf-iron. I usually farm from the Last Bridge to Barachen's Camp on both sides of the main road. You can also farm in Evendim, but I don't like it there as much ;)

Ancient Iron and Ancient Silver
These are probably the second most reliable source of ore for making gold. Thankfully you can find it in a lot more locations now so it's easier to farm. It used to only be in the Misty Mountains and made for some competitive farming!

Farming Locations: Pretty much anywhere in the eastern Misty Mountains, east Angmar, and Forochel. I used to prefer farming in the Misty Mountains east of the High Pass, but now Forochel is my preferred location.

Kazad-copper and Kazad-tin
You can make a lot of gold now farming these nodes. Being the top tier it's usually in the highest demand at the LOTRO auction house.

Farming Locations: Eregion is my favorite area for farming these resources. You can also find them in the early area of The Mines of Moria, but Eregion is my preferred location.

Kazad-iron and Kazad-gold
The final tier of resources to farm, these are usually the highest demand in the auction house. They are also usually the most competitive for farming, so they may not be the most time effective way to make gold.

Farming Locations: The higher level areas in the Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, and Mirkwood all are good locations. I prefer Lothlorien myself since there are usually no mobs to deal with and not much competition for farming.

I hope you found the ore selling section of the LOTRO Auction House Guide helpful... See you over in the other guides for The Lord of the Rings online!

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