LOTRO Auction House Guide:
Selling Relics to Make Gold!

This page of the LOTRO auction house guide will let you in on one of my favorite ways to make gold at the AH. The legendary weapon system can be a serious pain in the backside... some people love it, some people hate it. Personally I try not to complain too much and look to find an upside. In this case the legendary item (LI) system has provided us with a wonderful way to make gold!

What is this you ask? RELICS! They are selling like hotcakes on the LOTRO auction house and I don't think that will stop soon. Just the other day I sold two tier 2 relics for 3 gold. In fact I sold about 10 sets of 2 relics... do the math and I came away with about 20 gold (less AH fee of course)! Not bad for very little work...

Relics are selling and I believe will continue to sell because of the need to get tier 9 relics for legendary items. That and getting tier 9 relics being a huge time sink and pain to get makes them a high priced item to sell.

In this guide I will cover the do's and don'ts of actually posting relics on the LOTRO auction house as well as the best locations and ways to get them, like:

     • The Grand Stair
     • Skumfil
     • Sword Halls
     • Sammath Gul
     • Skirmishes Barter
     • Moria Barter

Do's and Don'ts of Posting Relics
There are usually few players selling relics... so you can pick your prices a lot of the time. You'll want to check the AH for the relics currently posted first. Make sure you check the tier! Tier level of the relic is critical! I've seen a lot of people make the mistake of selling a tier 3 or 4 relic for the same price as a tier 2 relic... big mistake!

As a general guideline I'd sell tier 2 relics for about 300 to 500 silver per relic. Tier 3 relics for about 1 to 1.5 gold. Tier 4 relics go for about 2 to 3 gold, and tier 5 for 4 to 6 gold. Tier 6 relics are the big ones and I've seen them sell for 12 to 18 gold.

Prices always fluctuate, so check the auction houses prices. If there are tons of relics up for a low price, be patient. If you wait a little bit you can usually make a good amount of gold this way.

Locations to Find Relics
There are a lot of good places to farm relics... whether you're a solo player or like to group. The thing I like is that I usually end up with a bunch of them without even trying! Read on to hear about my favorite spots!

The Grand Stair
Most people farm the Grand Stair a lot to get their Mines of Moria radiance gear. It's an easy instance and you can usually find groups without much trouble. The instance only drops tier 2 relics, but you can get a lot of them over a few runs.

Skumfil drops tier 3 and tier 4 relics, so it's a nice spot to grind them ;) If you farm the left side you will have a chance at 3 tier 3 and 1 tier 4 relic. Also the left side boss, Brumbereth, drops a nice teal cloak for melee classes, the Pendevig-clog. I farmed this side for the cloak quite a bit and came away with a LOT of relics. Probably made about 60 gold by the time I got my cloak... give it a shot!

Sword Halls
I wish the Dol Guldur instances in Siege of Mirkwood dropped higher tier relics, but alas... They are so easy to get here I doubt they ever will! The Sword Halls drop tier 2 relics and you can get 2 per boss. You'll find yourself running a ton of these to get your 120 radiance gear and will end up with a lot of relics. Save em' up and sell em'!

Sammath Gul
This is the instance that drops the Symbol of Celebrimbor... so you'll likely find yourself doing a bunch of runs here. The instance drops tier 2 and tier 3 relics. After many runs trying to get a symbol or two you'll end up with plenty to sell for gold.

Skirmish Barter
The legendary item trader at any skirmish camp will give you the option to trade skirmish marks for relics. You can get anything from tier 2 to tier 5 relics this way. It can be time consuming to specifically grind marks for this purpose, but I don't mind it. It's a pretty easy way to make 10 to 20 gold from a few hours of grinding.

Moria Barter
This is the best place to get tier 6 relics. I always have excess Medallions of Moria. I recommend saving up 24 to trade for a tier 6 relic to maximize your cash. It's a lot of medallions to trade, so don't sell them cheap on the LOTRO auction house. Make sure you get at least 10 to 12 gold for a tier 6 relic. Personally I shoot for 18 to 20 ;)

I hope you found the relic selling section of the LOTRO Auction House Guide helpful... See you over in the other guides for The Lord of the Rings online!

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