LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 40 to 48 In Angmar, the
Misty Mountains, and Forochel

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Once you finish following the LOTRO leveling guide through Evendim and the Trollshaws you will be ready to take on Angmar, the Misty Mountains, and Forochel. Following the LOTRO leveling guide will take you to:

     • Ram Duath (Angmar, 40-42)
     • Balin's Camp (Misty Mountains, 40-44)
     • Tal Bruinen (Trollshaws, 40-45)
     • Aughaire (Angmar, 43-44)
     • Fail-a-Kro (Angmar, 43-44)
     • Tyrn Lhug (Angmar, 43-44)
     • Kauppa-Kohta (Forochel, 44-45)
     • Pynti-Peldot and Janis-leiri (Forochel, 45-46)
     • Zigilgund (Forochel, 46-47)
     • The High Pass Camp and Hrimbarg (Misty Mountains, 45-48)
     • Gabilshathur (Angmar, 46-47)
     • Myrkworth (Angmar, 47-48)
     • Suri-Kyla (Forochel, 47-48)

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Ram Duath (recommended)
For this level range your only real choice is to head towards Angmar. You will be leveling in the mountain passes of the Ram Duath. The quests are pretty easy and plentiful here.

Traveling to the Ram Duath
Hopefully you are familiar with the area after all of the quests you did at Esteldin. From the east entrance to Esteldin you need to head north and slightly west. There are a few ways into the Ram Duath. Use the map to help you take the correct one, the center one. If you enter and find a bunch of worms you are too far west. If you see the hillman camps, you are too far east.

LEVEL 42 - 45

Balin's Camp (recommended)
You may have found Balin's camp when the LOTRO leveling guide took you to Rivendell. Balin's camp will have you questing the entire western region of the Misty Mountains. It's a good area even though there is a lot of back and forth running. I would forget about the fellowship quests in the giant halls. Not worth the time for power leveling, but it's your game time!

Traveling to Balin's Camp
If you haven't been there yet you need to make your way to Rivendell. From Rivendell take the pass northward. You'll be going waaaay up the mountain. When you get where the pass opens up and everything is snow covered, take a hard left. Up on the dwarven fortress is Balin's camp.

Tal Bruinen (recommended)
Ok ok... once again I know that the LOTRO leveling guide says we're questing in Angmar and such, but there is one last area to grind through in the Trollshaws. Tal Bruinen gives some great armour sets, so I would do everything there... don't be one of those newbs running around with that armour of Fem set from Angmar ;) Take the armour of the forest set here... it's much better!

Traveling to Tal Bruinen
You can find Tal Bruinen from either Rivendell or Thorenhad. You'll basically be heading to the southeast. The camp is in a secluded area on a hill south of the great east road and west of the river Bruinen.

Aughaire (recommended)
You should be ready to finish up most of western Angmar now. Aughaire has good quests with good rewards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One piece of advice here is to do the Epic - Vol. 1 Book 6: Fires In the North quest line. You can pick it up from Aragorn at the guest house in Rivendell. Most of the quests in it will be along your way and it is required to go to eastern Angmar.

Traveling to Aughaire
Aughaire is a short distance north from the giant kind in the Ram Duath. From that camp if you just follow the northern road and stay on it you will wind your way straight to Aughaire.

Fail-a-Kro (recommended)
This area is somewhat of a continuation of the Aughaire quests. These will take you into the far northern areas of west Angmar. There and tons of orcs and Angmarim here so watch your pulls.

Traveling to Fail-a-Kro
To find the camp follow the road out of Aughaire. Stay on it and you'll run right through Fail-a-Kro.

Tyrn Lhug (recommended)
Hopefully you are sticking to the LOTRO leveling guide and haven't made it to Tyrn Lhug yet. This area is in the swamp of Malenhad. It's a fun area. I love the way it looks... the feel... the sounds... you can almost smell it ;)

Traveling to Tyrn Lhug
From Aughaire follow the road north a short way. When you reach the bottom of the hill turn east. Run east until you reach the swamps... it will be obvious when you're in the swamp! Once in the swamps head southeast. You'll run by some huge turtles just before you reach the camp.

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Kauppa-Kohta (recommended)
Following the LOTRO leveling guide will now take you to Forochel. It used to be a bit difficult reaching level 50 when the game first came out. The addition of Forochel makes it smooth and easy. The quests are very easy and grouped well.

Traveling to Kauppa-Kohta
Reaching the first area in Forochel is kind of annoying. The best place to begin is from Ost Forod in Evendim. From there take the road out of town heading north. Just stick to the road as it winds its way through the mountain. Sooner or later you'll come out to a snowy area with a lake. Keep following the path and you'll run right into the village.

Pynti-Peldot and Janis-leiri (recommended)
The next location in Forochel has some good quests, but they are spread out all over. It's probably the worst area in Forochel for quests, so knock em' out quick and move on!

Traveling to Pynti-Peldot and Janis-leiri
From Kauppa-Kohta you need to just follow the road northwest. It winds all over the place and takes you on a ridiculously long walk through a huge glacier. It's kind of neat I suppose... but I hope you bought a horse!

Zigilgund (recommended)
This is my favorite area in Forochel by far. The quests are grouped tightly around the dwarven fortress and they go quickly.

Traveling to Zigilgund
From Pynti-Peldot or Janis-leiri follow the road westward. It is another loooong run through Forochel, but stay on it and you'll run right to Zigilgund. Oh... and if you hear people talking about "Ziggy"... they're talking about Zigilgund!

The High Pass Camp and Hrimbarg (recommended)
Time to follow the LOTRO leveling guide back to the Misty Mountains. You'll be finishing up on the eastern slopes. There's a gauradan camp in the south that can be a bit difficult, so watch out down there.

Traveling to The High Pass Camp and Hrimbarg
The High Pass can be of hard to find your first time through. Basically head northeast whatever way you choose. The only place to avoid is the way that leads to the giant halls. Follow the map and you should be ok.

Gabilshathur (recommended)
Now it's back to Angmar. Hopefully you already completed the Epic - Vol. 1 Book 6: Fires In the North quest line. If you haven't you'll need to pick it up from Aragorn in Rivendell. It is required to go to eastern Angmar.

Traveling to Gabilshathur
Gabilshathur is found by heading east from the camp at Tyrn Lhug. Just run east through the swamp staying near the southern cliffs. Far far to the east you'll find a small path going up into the mountain leading to the dwarf town.

Myrkworth (optional)
This location is ok... but for the LOTRO leveling guide I made it optional. It isn't usually required to get to level 48, but use you judgment. If you're behind on levels you'll probably want to do it. Otherwise, Suri-Kyla will have plenty of quests for you.

Traveling to Myrkworth
Myrkworth is found by following the road north out of Gabilshathur. Stick to the road and you'll make it. It lies up on the mountain on the east side of Imlad Balchorth.

Suri-Kyla (recommended)
This is the final area to knock out in Forochel. It has a good set of easy quests around the city.

Traveling to Suri-Kyla
To reach the main city in Forochel make your way to Pynti-Peldot. From there follow the road east. Just stay on that road. It will take you around the east side of the ice bay all the way to Suri-Kyla. It's quite a long run... bundle up!

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At this point of the LOTRO leveling guide you should be at level 48 or 49. You will now be ready to finish the last areas in Angmar the Misty Mountains and Forochel! You'll also hit the beginning of the Mines of Moria expansion in Eregion. See you over in the level 48 - 51 section of the LOTRO leveling guide!

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