LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 15 to 22 In Bree-land

Handango Inc. Now that you're finished following the LOTRO leveling guide through the starter zones you will be ready to take on the higher level areas in Bree-land. The LOTRO leveling guide will take you to:

     • The Stone House (14-15)
     • Andrath (15-16)
     • Adso's Camp (16-18)
     • Saeradan's Cabin (18-20)
     • The Barrow Downs (18-21)

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Traveling to Bree
The best place to begin is at the town of Bree. If you're not already in the area, head to the nearest town. From Ered Luin go to Celondim or Thorin's Gate and take the West Bree - Swift Travel option. From the Shire go to Michel Delving and take the same option at the stable master.


The Stone House (recommended)
This is the first place to begin in Bree-land. You only get a couple of quests to start out, but when you turn them in more open up. As always, grab up the quests and complete them all.

Traveling to the Stone House
To begin the quests at the Stone House, head west out of the West Gate of Bree. You will quickly come to a crossroads, the Greenway Crossing. If you go over a bridge then you've gone too far! At the crossroads, take the north road. Follow the path and you will come to a house... the Stone House... Here you will find a dwarf and Chief Watch Grimbriar.

LEVEL 15 - 18

Andrath (recommended)
This area is a little tricky for people to find for some reason. It has a great bunch of quests and you will likely finish your brigand slayer deed if you haven't already. Make sure you finish all the quest lines at the Stone House first. Chief Watch Grimbriar gives the Andrath starter quest when you finish there.

Traveling to Andrath
To reach Andrath head south on the same road that goes by the Stone House. You will follow this road for quite a long way. Make sure you take a look at the map and screenshots if you have a hard time finding the little hidden camp. You must go up the hill on the left and run along a small ledge to get into the camp. If you've gone through the archway and run into a bunch of brigands... you've gone a little too far! :)

Adso's Camp (recommended)
Ahhhhhh Adso's Camp... this quest hub will take you into the Old Forest and north for some boar and bear slaying. Enjoy!

Traveling to Adso's Camp
This camp is easy to find. Just head west on the road out of Bree and you'll pass right through it.

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LEVEL 18 - 20

At this point in the LOTRO leveling guide there are two locations for questing. You can complete quests at Saeradan's Cabin or the Barrow Downs. I advise going to Saeradan's Cabin first for the most efficient, natural flow of quests.

Saeradan's Cabin (recommended)
This location has some great rewards and you'll be fighting a lot of orcs. You should finish up, or be close to finishing, your orc slayer deed if you complete all of the quests here.

Traveling to Saeradan's Cabin
To reach Saeradan's Cabin head north on the road that goes by the Stone House. You will pass Thornley's Worksite on your left as you travel. Saeradan's cabin will be a little off the road on the right (east side).

Barrow Downs, Old Forest Camp (recommended)
This location has some nice, easy quests to get you acquainted with the nasty undead creatures found in the Barrow Downs. Here you will get a good start on the barghast slayer deed among others. I would kill all barghasts you see as you quest to help make this deed easier to finish.

Traveling to the Old Forest Camp
To reach the camp you can go two different ways. One entrance is found starting at Adso's Camp. From Adso's you will head south on a path. Follow the map and work your way through the Old Forest to Tom Bombadil's house. Once you reach Tom's house take the path north by the house and follow it to the camp. You can't miss it... well maybe you can! :D

The other entrance is found closer to the Bree West Gate. Follow the path west out of Bree until you see some ruins to the left (south). Head south by the ruins and up the hill. Along the ridge you will find a path that leads through a pass into the Barrow Downs. There is a body on the ground here that will open up a quest when you reach the Old Forest Camp. From here use the map to make your way west through the Barrow Downs. You will eventually reach a path that leads to the Old Forest Camp.

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There are two locations for this level range. One is in the Barrow Downs, where you will likely be already. The other is far north of Bree at the Hengstacer Farm. To make the LOTRO leveling guide most useful I recommend finishing the Barrow Downs quests. Avoid the Hengstacer Farm unless you really want to waste some time. The Hengstacer Farm area has a few quests that require a LOT of running around. I don't think it was worth the time and effort. But if you like exploring...

Barrow Downs, Dead Man's Perch (recommended)
This section of the LOTRO leveling guide will help you through a somewhat challenging area. The quests found at Dead Mans Perch take you to the southern end of the Barrow Downs where you will run into some elites and higher level mobs. Follow the quest tracker in game and avoid getting into fights with more than 2 mobs at a time. If you journey carefully and pay attention to your pulls, this area will be no problem. If you find yourself having a tough time, think about getting into a fellowship with one or two players. Also, if you're struggling and prefer soloing, you may want to look at getting some crafted armour at the auction house or by making it yourself.

Traveling to Dead Man's Perch
This location is pretty easy to find. Just head southeast from the Old Forest Camp and you'll run right to it. If you find yourself running up a path that goes up a steep ridge you are too far south.

The Hengstacer Farm (optional)
As I said earlier, I don't usually waste my time here. The quests are ok but they are spread out all over. You will end up running all over the north east area of Bree-land, called Nen Harn, for a few quests. It is scenic and kind of cool to explore if you're into that sort of thing. If you want to optimize your leveling though, I would skip this area and move on with the LOTRO leveling guide.

Traveling to the Hengstacer Farm
From the Bree West Gate head north on the path by the Stone House. A little way past Saeradan's Cabin you can turn northeast. You'll find a path that goes to the farm.

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At this point of the LOTRO leveling guide you should have made it to level 21 - 22. You will now be ready to move on from Bree-land and start exploring the Lone-lands and the North Downs. These are two really great zones that I always enjoyed leveling through. I'll see you over in the Level 22 - 32 part of the LOTRO leveling guide!

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