LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 48 to 51 in Eregion

I know the LOTRO leveling guide says it's time to venture into Eregion, but there are a few more spots in Angmar, Misty Mountains, and Forochel you can keep working on if needed. They are optional, but if you haven't reached level 49 I would do them. Following the LOTRO leveling guide will take you to:

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     • Suri-Kyla (Forochel, 48-50)
     • Goblin Town (Misty Mountains, 49-50)
     • Gath Forthnir (Angmar, 49-50)
     • Gwingris (Eregion, 48-49)
     • Echad Eregion (Eregion, 49-50)
     • Echad Dunann (Eregion, 50-51)

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LEVEL 48 - 49

Suri-Kyla (optional)
This is probably the easiest area to reach level 49 or 50 at. I personally like to complete all the quests around here, but if you're itching to get into the Mines of Moria then it's up to you.

Goblin Town (optional)
This is a fun place to go if you like experiencing areas from the books. I usually don't waste my time in there though. It's kind of inefficient for power leveling so only do it if you want to see Gollum's cave and such.

Traveling to Goblin Town
You will find Goblin Town pretty near to the High Pass Camp and Hrimbarg. Basically head down the steep slope east of the High Pass Camp. Towards the bottom turn north. You'll find a path that goes into a cave-like area in the mountain, the Mountain's Throat. This is the main entrance.

Gath Forthnir (optional)
This is the last "easy" area for questing in Angmar. The first few quests in the quest line aren't too bad, but they become a bit painful pretty quick. I'd only do all the quests here if you really need them to reach level 49 or 50.

Traveling to Gath Forthnir
To reach Gath Forthnir start from Myrkworth. Head north on the path that goes near Imlad Balchorth. Follow the path north/northeast until you reach a small body of water. Skirt about the western edge and you'll see a path going up a steep slope to the east. Up the path lies the hidden ranger camp of Gath Forthnir.

Gwingris (recommended) Shop Handango for the latest in mobile apps and games for your smartphone or PDA.

This is the beginning of your travels in the Mines of Moria area. There are a lot of quests from here on out and there is not the back and forth questing that there was earlier in the game. Have fun with the half orcs and worms!

Traveling to Gwingris
There are a couple ways to reach Gwingris, but the easiest is from Tal Bruinen in the Trollshaws. If you remember where Garbert's Cottage is, that is the direction you want to go. Across the river from Garbert's is a path that goes up a very steep slope. This way will take you right there.

LEVEL 49 - 50

Echad Eregion (recommended)
This area will be your quest hub for most of the quests in central Eregion. It should be pretty quick and easy.

Traveling to Echad Eregion
Head south and slightly east from Gwingris. When you come out of the woods with the trolls and huorns you will be pretty close.

Echad Dunann (recommended)
This will be the last real questing area in Eregion. Once you finish here you'll be ready to head into the Mines of Moria. The first book in the Volume 2 epic quest line is required to enter Moria. You'll want to start working this right away.

You'll probably want to pick up the Epic - Vol. 2 Book 1: The Walls of Moria quest line. You can pick it up from Rathwald in Echad Dunann. You will want to get to Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure. This chapter requires you to level a legendary weapon to level 10. If you don't get to this point before questing in Echad Dunann you may have an irritating time leveling your weapon up!

Traveling to Echad Dunann
You can see Echad Dunann on the map, but it found south east from Echad Eregion. Follow the road south to the Nan Sirannon River. There take the path east to Echad Dunann.

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At this point of the LOTRO leveling guide you should be around level 51. You will finally be ready to venture into the Mines of Moria! See you over in the level 51 - 60 section of the LOTRO leveling guide!

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