LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 32 to 40 In Evendim and the Trollshaws

Handango Inc. Once you finish following the LOTRO leveling guide through the Lone-lands and North Downs you will be ready to take on Evendim and the Trollshaws. Following the LOTRO leveling guide will take you to:

     • Garth Agarwen (Lone-lands, 32-35)
     • Barachen's Camp (Trollshaws, 32-34)
     • Tinnudir (Evendim, 32-34)
     • Ost Forod (Evendim, 34-36)
     • Thorenhad (Trollshaws, 35-38)
     • Rivendell (Trollshaws, 38-40)
     • Eavespires (Evendim, 38-40)

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LEVEL 32 - 34

I know this part of the guide is for Evendim and the Trollshaws, but there is one last place in the Lone-lands you can explore. If you made it up to Agamaur you may have found Garth Agarwen. This is a nice little instance where you can fight Ivar the Bloodhand, The Red Maid, and a big tree called Grimbark. This area is not recommended if you want level quickly. It is a great chance to build up your grouping and instance experience.

Whether you venture to GA (Garth Agarwen) or not, your next order of business is to head to the Trollshaws or Evendim. For the best progression and quickest leveling I'd hit the Trollshaws first.

Garth Agarwen (optional)
GA is the first "real" instance in the game. The Ivar fight used to be one of the most difficult for most people but it has been toned down in the rework for Siege of Mirkwood. Again, these are fun and good for getting experience grouping, but will greatly slow down your leveling. Avoid this area if you want to power level.

Traveling to Garth Agarwen
To find GA head north from Ost Guruth through the pass in the northwest corner of the marsh (Haragamar). Continue heading north and then work your way east when you get into the Agamaur area.

Barachen's Camp (recommended)
This is the first area to explore in the Trollshaws. There aren't too many quests but they are very easy and worth doing.

Traveling to Barachen's Camp
To get there make your way to Ost Guruth. From Ost Guruth take the great east road... well... east ;) Follow it for a looong way. You'll eventually cross the last bridge. Be sure to grab the quest from the elf standing by the far side of the bridge. Continue on the road until you pass the rez spot. Around there head south up a hill to Barachen's Camp.

Tinnudir (recommended)
To make the best use of this LOTRO leveling guide you'll need to travel to Evendim. Tinnudir has a LOT of quests so the painful road there is worth it. Get ready for some swimming too!

Traveling to Tinnudir
To reach Tinnudir and Evendim you can go a couple of ways. One way to go is from Trestlebridge. Take the road north to the Fields of Fornost. From there, head west. You'll work your way through the barrows until you find the path that leads through a pass into Evendim.

The other way is to head out from Brockenborings in the Shire. From Brockenborings head north on the path to Bullroarer's Throat. You'll enter Evendim there and pass by a town called Oatbarten. Continue on the road north and eventually you'll find yourself winding around close to Tinnudir.

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LEVEL 34 - 38

Since you're probably already in Evendim (if you're following the LOTRO leveling guide) I'd continue questing there. After completing the quests in Tinnudir you will head north to Ost Forod.

Ost Forod (recommended)
This area is another great quest hub. Plenty to of quests to gain a couple levels and keep you busy for a while. Keep an eye out in town for the "bounty posters". There is one near the stable master on a building. There are a few more throughout the town that give more quests. Most people miss these... make sure you don't ;) The bounty quests end up being completed on your way to other quests and give some good xp, so they are kind of a nice bonus.

Traveling to Ost Forod
Head to Ost Forod by following the path that goes east across the bridge in Tinnudir. Follow the path as it winds its way north. At the crossroads, keep going north. The path will take you right to it. Don't forget to talk to the stable master!

Thorenhad (recommended)
Once you finish the quests in Ost Forod you need to travel back to the Trollshaws. Following the LOTRO leveling guide you'll be going to Thorenhad, the current location of Elrond's sons. This location has some quests that are a bit spread out, but worth doing.

Traveling to Thorenhad
To find it follow the great east road that took you from Ost Guruth to Barachen's Camp. Stay on the east road for a long time. Eventually you will wind your way close to Thorenhad. Use the map, but you'll know to turn north when you see a path that goes into an area with a lot of bear. Follow that path north and you'll find some ruins up on a hill with elves... that's the camp.

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At this point in the LOTRO leveling guide you will be heading to Rivendell and the final location in Evendim. In Evendim you'll be swimming waaaaay across the lake! If you're in the Trollshaws already, I'd go ahead and visit Rivendell.

Rivendell (recommended)
Rivendell is a little confusing and very spread out when you first visit. It's honestly a pain, but worth doing the quests available for this level range. A couple will take you north into the Misty Mountains to get your feet wet... er snowy...

Traveling to Rivendell
Get there by following the great east road again from Thorenhad. Just stay on the road until you reach the Ford of Bruinen. Cross the river and wind your way up the path. There are a couple of dead end paths going up the slope, but you'll make it eventually. Just keep heading up the mountain and you'll get to the entrance to Rivendell.

The Eavespires (recommended)
This location has some fellowship quests and a kind of annoying quest line that takes you into some Guaradan areas. There is a lot of back and forth... poor quest sequencing in my opinion. Worth doing anyhow. I would avoid the fellowship quests that take you far south to the troll area. It's a waste of time and not worth the effort. But if you want a challenge... ;)

Traveling to the Eavespires
The easiest way I know of to reaching the Eavespires is to start-a-swimmin'. You can start from Tinnudir or Ost Forod. Head to the lake and just swim as straight as you can across the lake.

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At this point of the LOTRO leveling guide you should be at level 39 to 40. You will now be ready to finish the last area in the Trollshaws and start questing in Angmar and the Misty Mountains! You'll also hit most of Forochel. See you over in the level 40 - 48 section of the LOTRO leveling guide!

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