LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 60 to 65 in Lothlorien and Mirkwood

Once you finish following the LOTRO leveling guide through the Mines of Moria you will be ready for the final push through Lothlorien and Mirkwood. Following the LOTRO leveling guide will take you to:

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     • Menhem-bizru (Lothlorien, 60)
     • Echad Andestel (Lothlorien, 60)
     • Talan Fanuidhol (Lothlorien, 60)
     • Cerin Amroth (Lothlorien, 60)
     • Imlad Lalaith (Lothlorien, 60)
     • The Vineyards of Lorien (Lothlorien, 60)
     • Echad Sirion (Mirkwood, 60-61)
     • Echad Glamodud (Mirkwood, 60-61)
     • Echad Mothelen (Mirkwood, 62-63)
     • The Haunted Inn (Mirkwood, 62-63)
     • Estolad Mernael (Mirkwood, 63-64)
     • Ost Galadh (Mirkwood, 63-64)
     • Iavassul's Watch (Mirkwood, 64-65)
     • Ivorel's Camp (Mirkwood, 64-65)
     • Thangulhad and Dol Guldur (Mirkwood, 65)

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Congratulations on making it out of the Mines of Moria and into the light of day again! Sadly you will have a bit of reputation grinding in Lothlorien before you can go to Mirkwood. You only need "Acquaintance" standing though so it won't be too bad. If you want to get the good crafting recipes though... That's another story.

Menhem-bizru (recommended)
This is the first camp in Lorien to pick up quests at. It has a great set of quests that will help you gain reputation and experience.

Traveling to Menhem-bizru
It's not too difficult to reach. If you haven't reached the First Hall before, you will need to get around the broken bridge of Kazad-dum. It's easiest to head from the 21st Hall to the Second Hall in Nud-melek. Follow the path on the map that goes north around the great chasm. Follow it around and east to the First Hall. Then you're out. Outside just head east and you'll run right into the camp.

Echad Andestel (recommended)
This will be the last camp in the LOTRO leveling guide to work on before going into Lothlorien. I would only do enough quests here to gain enough rep to go into Lothlorien. As soon as you reach "Acquaintance" standing you can move on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll probably want to pick up the Epic - Vol. 2 Book 9, Foreword: The Dark Shore quest. You can find it at Talan Haldir. Once you have access to Lothlorien and this quest you can head into Mirkwood. Kind of like in the Mines of Moria expansion, this book is required to get into Mirkwood.

Traveling to Echad Andestel
Follow the path southeast along the Mirrormere to Nimrodel. Where the rivers cross head north and you'll be in the camp.

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Talan Fanuidhol (optional)
If you want to gain another level before entering Mirkwood or need to grind reputation for crafting, I would hit this location first. It at least has some normal quests up in the northwest pocket of Lothlorien with orcs and goblins. Still, most of the areas in Lothlorien are optional for the LOTRO leveling guide.

Traveling to Talan Fanuidhol
Head a short way northeast from Echad Andestel to location 12.1 S, 71.1 W.

Cerin Amroth (optional)
Same thing here... only quest here if you need reputation or need to level. Here begins the most annoying section of Lothlorien. It seems like a lot of simple running around and gathering type quests. I would grab all the quests here and then move on to the next two locations. It is easiest to get all quests from all locations and then to complete them. There is some overlap in where you'll be going so it helps speed things up.

Traveling to Cerin Amroth
Cerin Amroth is almost straight east from Talan Fanuidhol at location 11.9 S, 67.8 W.

Imlad Lalaith (recommended)
This is the location you'll go to when you're ready to venture into Mirkwood. If you're following the LOTRO leveling guide, you will talk to Braiglinn and then take the boat by Calengoth. Once you do this you'll be taken into Mirkwood. There are also a couple quests here for the reputation grind if you are into that sort of thing ;)

Traveling to Imlad Lalaith
The easiest route is to follow the path on the southern edge of the Celebrant from Echad Andestel to location 17.3 S, 64.0 W.

The Vinyards of Lothlorien (optional)
Here is another location for some rep grinding quests. There is also a crafting area with some reputation locked recipes. These quests are not required in the LOTRO leveling guide.

Traveling to The Vineyards of Lothlorien
The vineyards are just south of Imlad Lalaith at location 18.5 S, 63.8 W.

LEVEL 61 - 62

Echad Sirion (recommended)
This is the first camp you'll be at in Mirkwood. You arrive here after taking the boat by Calengoth in Lothlorien. I would do all the quests here in the book series and those expedition quests as well. Once you've finished the book quests here, you'll have another set of quests here outside of the book instance.

Traveling to Echad Sirion
Take the boat in the docks of Lothlorien by Calengoth at location 17.6 S, 64.6 W.

Echad Glamodud (recommended)
This is a small camp with a group of quests that will take you south into some orc and warg camps. This will kind of be how things go in Mirkwood... find a quest camp, knock out the quests and move on.

Traveling to Echad Glamodud
This camp is found southeast of Echad Sirion at location 16.5 S, 60.3 W.

LEVEL 62 - 63 Handango Inc.

Echad Mothelen (recommended)
Here is an area that will have you questing in a spider den, bat cave, and orc camps. Keep pluggin' along!

Traveling to Echad Mothelen
Following the road east from Echad Sirion, head to the Dourstocks. The camp is north of the road at location 13.5 S, 58.1 W.

The Haunted Inn (recommended)
This is a larger quest hub. You'll be fighting the undead and merrevail here. There are some good pieces of jewelry and such inside the inn you can get for the barter items. Make sure you get the stable point!

Traveling to The Haunted Inn
Head pretty much straight east from Echad Mothelen. The inn is at location 13.4 S, 56.2 W.

LEVEL 63 - 64

Estolad Mernael (recommended)
This camp is your main base for the quests in the swamps... the Drownholt. There is another stable master here to pick up. Otherwise it's the usual, knock out quests and move on.

Traveling to Estolad Mernael
Head south and slightly east from The Haunted Inn to location 16.9 S, 54.7 W.

Ost Galadh (recommended)
At this point in the LOTRO leveling guide you'll be questing in Emyn Lum. The stronghold at Ost Galadh has a stable master, vault, skill trainers, and a lot of reputation barter merchants. Later on when you get the Medallions of Dol Guldur and such you will trade them in here. At the stable masters this location is called Emyn Lum.

Traveling to Ost Galadh
Follow the main road that goes east from Echad Sirion to Emyn Lum. The fortress is found at location 14.4 S, 51.1 W.

LEVEL 64 - 65

Iavassul's Watch (recommended)
This camp will have the quests for the orc camps in Taur Morvich. This area is not too bad but you can get into trouble if you're not careful or have bad gear ;)

Traveling to Iavassul's Watch
The camp is just to the south of Ost Galadh at location 16.4 S, 50.5 W.

Ivorel's Camp (recommended)
Ivorel's Camp will have most of the quests in the spider infested Scuttledells. There are also some undead in the barrows there. Watch out for the gaunt-men!

Traveling to Ivorel's Camp
Ivorel's Camp is a little ways north of Ost Galadh, just inside the Scuttledells at location 12.8 S, 50.7 W.

Thangulhad and Dol Guldur (recommended)
Congratulations... you've made it to the final area! Things get a bit more challenging here... as expected. In Thangulhad there are some easier quests to get closer to level 65. There are also some repeatable quests that will give you the barter items for the reputation traders. I personally wouldn't waste much time here even though I've recommended it for the LOTRO leveling guide. You'll want to move into Dol Guldur and start doing Sword Hall runs and Sammath Gul runs if you're interested in getting the 120 radiance gear and second age weapons. Sammath Gul drops the Symbol of Celebrimbor which is required for crafting second age weapons.

Traveling to Thangulhad and Dol Guldur
From Ost Galadh head east on the road again. You'll eventually run right to Thangulhad in Gathburz at location 12.8 S, 46.4 W.

To reach Dol Guldur take a horse or head southeast from Thangulhad. You'll want to head around to the southeast corner outside of the fortress walls. Here you'll find a camp with a stable master, summoning horn, and quests.

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This is the end of the LOTRO leveling guide... for now! See you again when the next expansion arrives and I hope this made your adventures in The Lord of the Rings online much easier ;)

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