LOTRO Leveling Guide:
Levels 51 to 60 In the Mines of Moria

Handango Inc. Are you ready to follow my LOTRO leveling guide and endure the dark of the Mines of Moria? It's time to go in whether you are ready or not! There are a few 3-man instances at Echad Mirobel you can play with, but they are optional for this guide. If you're ready the LOTRO leveling guide will take you through the Mines of Moria to:

     • Echad Mirobel (Eregion, 51-53)
     • Durin's Threshold (The Great Delving, 51-52)
     • Dolven View (The Great Delving, 51-52)
     • The Chamber of the Crossroads (Durin's Way, 53-54)
     • The Deep Descent (The Silvertine Lodes, 53-54)
     • Jazargund (Durin's Way, 54)
     • The 21st Hall (Zelem-melek, 55-56)
     • The Orc Watch (Redhorn Lodes, 55-56)
     • The Rotting Cellar (The Water-Works, 55-56)
     • Anazarmekhem (Flaming Deeps, 57)
     • The Shadowed Refuge (Foundations of Stone, 58-60)

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LEVEL 51 - 53

Echad Mirobel (optional)
The Library and The School at Tham Mirdain are the two 3-man instances you can complete. I don't recommend them but wanted to include them in the LOTRO leveling guide. They can be fun but are pretty much worthless aside from killing time. There is no good loot for your efforts so I would forget about them unless you're very bored ;)

Traveling to Echad Mirobel
Mirobel can be found by following the road west from Echad Dunann.

Durin's Threshold (recommended)
Durin's Threshold is the first area you will explore in the Mines of Moria. There are only a few quests to do near here. Stick with the LOTRO leveling guide though and it will make your life a lot easier. Make sure you pick up the stable master point and do all the quests here before moving on. You won't be back for a while.

Traveling to Echad Mirobel
You will find yourself in Durin's Threshold as soon as you enter the Durin's Door, across the Black Pool where you fought the Watcher in Vol. 2 Book 1.

The Dolven View (recommended)
This is the first main questing area to hit in this LOTRO leveling guide. Aside from the 21st hall, it is the main camp in the Mines of Moria. I usually make my home here for a few reasons. First, it is the place to trade in the barter items (rusted dwarf tools and khuzdul tablets) for legendary weapons. Second, it is somewhat centrally located between the first few areas you'll be questing in.

Traveling to the Dolven View
The Dolven view is tricky to find if it's your first time in the Mines of Moria. Take a horse from the stable master. It'll save you a lot of effort!

LEVEL 53 - 54

The Chamber of the Crossroads (recommended)
The crossroads is a decent camp for quests. I don't like the area but there isn't much choice in the Mines of Moria. You kind of need to complete every quest you can at every camp. If you follow this LOTRO leveling guide closely you should have no problem leveling. The quests for the crossroads are located all over the place north and east of the crossroads.

Traveling to the Chamber of the Crossroads
There are a few ways to reach the crossroads, but I like to take the east road out of the Dolven View. Down the stairs head north and you'll make your way there. If you find yourself going across a bridge through the Dwarf-lords' Gate, you're on the right track.

The Deep Descent (recommended)
This camp is one of my favorites in the Mines of Moria. It has tons of quests and they always seemed to flow well to me. I always had an easy time completing them.

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Traveling to the Deep Descent
The camp is easily found from the Dolven View. Just south of the stable master is a cavern-like opening. Head through there and you'll run right to the Deep Descent. It isn't very far, so if you don't find it quickly you probably went the wrong way!

Jazargund (recommended)
Also known as Jazzy (or something like that!); Jazargund is a pretty good area to quest. You'll find two tiers of quests here. One set for level 54 and another you'll need to come back for later around level 58 to 59.

Traveling to Jazargund
You can reach Jazargund by a couple of routes. I think the easiest is to take the winding path east of the Chamber of the Crossroads. Once you reach the 21st hall you will take the north arch. Keep heading north and you'll find Jazargund.

The other way is to head north and then east from the Chamber of the Crossroads. You'll have to make your way through the gardens and a lot of mobs. I wouldn't take this way if I were you!

LEVEL 55 - 57

The 21st Hall (recommended)
This is definitely the biggest dwarf city in the Mines of Moria. Once you reach this area you may want to make this your home unless you are a hunter. There are skill trainers, crafters, an auction house, and a bank here.

The quests here are very poorly organized in my opinion. In fact the 21st Hall and the next area, The Orc Watch, should really be done simultaneously. I strongly suggest that you follow this and the section on the Orc Watch in the LOTRO leveling guide at the same time. It's a giant pain questing here, but there is overlap between the quests from these two areas. Good luck finding your way around Zelem-melek. It's really annoying ;)

Traveling to the 21st Hall
Take the winding path east of the Chamber of the Crossroads. After a long and winding road you'll emerge right into the 21st hall. Just keep running straight east and you'll find the camp.

The Orc Watch (recommended)
As I mentioned, these quests can be done with the 21st Hall quests. There is some overlap that will save you time if you do. Regardless, these two camps are time consuming and annoying. Shop Handango for the latest in mobile apps and games for your smartphone or PDA.

Traveling to the Orc Watch
This is by far the most difficult camp to reach. There is no really easy way aside from taking a horse. Generally though, head south out of the 21st Hall. Head west through The Great Hall of Durin, The Wide Halls, and The Broad Ways. Around here turn south through a passage that will take you to the Hall of Flowing Water. From here you just have to keep fighting your way south and east to the Orc Camp.

The Rotting Cellar (recommended)
This is my absolute favorite area in all of the Mines of Moria. There are a huge number of quests that are well organized. You can literally grab up a group of quests, make a lap through the Water-Works and complete them all, then run back and turn them all in. The area is also just cool to quest in.

Traveling to The Rotting Cellar
It's easiest to jump through the well in the Chamber of the Crossroads and die ;) You'll rez at the Rotting Cellar when you release. If you don't like this idea, then head out from the Deep Descent. Follow the tracks south through the Silvertine Lodes. Just keep working your way south and you'll find the entrance to the Water-Works and the Rotting Cellar.

Anazarmekhem (recommended)
This is another good area for quests. I always liked it. Kind of like the Rotting Cellar, you can grab a bunch of quests, knock em' out, turn em' in, and repeat.

Traveling to Anazarmekhem
The easiest path is from the Orc Watch. If you head down like you're going to quest in the Redhorn Lodes and then take the lowest path that opens in a large chasm going west, you can reach Anazarmekhem without fighting any mobs.

LEVEL 58 - 60

Jazargund (recommended)
Time to follow the LOTRO leveling guide back to Jazzy to finish up the rest of those quests. These will take you far east of Jazargund into the massive cave infested with merrevail.

The Shadowed Refuge (recommended)
This will be your final questing location in the Mines of Moria. It has some difficult quests, but not too bad. There are some interesting mobs down here. Just watch out for the elites and trolls. I would watch your pulls here and possibly group up.

Traveling to the Shadowed Refuge
From the Orc Watch you'll basically head east through the Redhorn Lodes. Use your map and just keep heading east. Eventually you'll make it. It's pretty obvious when you reach the Foundations of Stone. Once there, keep heading east until you have to turn south. You should see a ramp going up a slope around there. This will take you to the camp.

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At this point of the LOTRO leveling guide you should be at level 59 to 60. You will now be ready to finish the last couple zones in the game... Lothlorien and Mirkwood! Congratulations on completing the Mines of Moria and I'll see you over in the level 60 - 65 section of the LOTRO leveling guide!

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