Finding Your Way In Bree-land

Here you will find LOTRO maps to help you find your way through Bree-land. It's pretty easy to find quests and camps in Bree-land, but I've noticed in game there are always new players getting stuck finding Andrath or Saeradan's Cabin. Hopefully these maps will help!

The LOTRO maps on this page will show you how to travel to the main towns and quest locations.

Bree-land - Full Map
Here is the full map of Bree-land. Unlike the full map for Ered Luin and the Shire, the map for Bree-land doesn't help you much to find the camps and such. The other maps here should help you out ;)
lotro maps breeland

Traveling from Archet to Combe
lotro maps breeland

This map is to help you find your way to Combe when you finish the introduction. Follow the red dots along the south road and you'll run right into it.

Traveling to Staddle
lotro maps breeland

Here I've shown the path you will want to take to Staddle. Follow the road to the Prancing Pony, then head south. At the Boar Fountain head east again and you'll make it.

Traveling to The Stone House
lotro maps breeland

This map shows the Stone House. It's very close to the Bree West Gate.

Traveling to Andrath
lotro maps breeland

Here is how to reach Andrath. Just follow the path south out of the Bree West Gate and you'll run right to it!

Traveling to Adso's Camp
lotro maps breeland

This map shows the location of Adso's Camp. Again it's close, just head west out of Bree.

Traveling to Saeradan's Cabin
lotro maps breeland

Here is the path to Saeradan's Cabin. It's easy to find, just follow the road north.

Traveling to the Barrow-Downs Camps
lotro maps breeland

The locations of the two camps in the Barrow-downs are in the red circles. The Old Forest Camp will be your first quest location. Dead Man's Perch is on the eastern side and is the second place to quest.

Traveling to the Hengstacer Farm
lotro maps breeland

This is the location of the Hengstacer Farm. Here are a few quests and also where you'll train to get the riding trait.

I hope you found these maps helpful... See you over in the other zones in The Lord of the Rings online!

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