LOTRO Professions Guide:
Everything You Need to Know About the Farmer

The farmer is one of the LOTRO professions used for resource gathering... like the prospector or forester. If you're going to make the cook your primary craft profession, you'll definitely want to make sure you pick a vocation with the farmer in it as well. The farmer is invaluable for getting most of the stuff required for the cook.

Farmers are also critical in getting yourself a good stash of pipe weed. If you like the lighter side of LOTRO, you may want to think about growing your own weed before you hit the tavern :)

So basically, decide if you want to be a cook or a pipe smoker! If you said yes to either, you'll want to pick a vocation with the farmer!

I hope you found my LOTRO Professions Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other crafting topics or have other requests!

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