LOTRO Professions Guide:
Everything You Need to Know About the Jeweller

In this part of the LOTRO Professions Guide we'll be taking a look at the jeweler profession. This is probably one of the best professions... at least until they change something! This profession is useful to every class in the game. Finding better jewellery than the best crafted stuff is quite difficult. You'd end up running the end game instances over and over and over... and honestly most of it isn't THAT much better. So being a jeweler is always good for making extra gold at the auction house and for outfitting your toons.

There have been some changes to the jeweler recipes so I'll discuss some of the top end crafted stuff. That means level 65 supreme master jewellery like:

     • Glowing Aureate Bracelet Jewellery
     • Glowing Aureate Earring Jewellery
     • Glowing Aureate Ring Jewellery
     • Relics
     • Legendary Items and Weapons
     • Tokens

Glowing Aureate Bracelet Jewellery
The glowing aureate bracelets come in two basic varieties: one for casters and one for melee. The glowing aureate armlet of morale is for the melee toons and gives +20 to might/vitality/agility, +176 morale, and +97.3 ICPR. The glowing aureate armlet of power is for the casters like minstrels and runekeepers. It gives +20 will/fate, +97.2 ICPR, +158 power, and +88 morale. They are nice bracelets so you can see why having this craft is one of the best LOTRO professions available.

Glowing Aureate Earring Jewellery
The earrings actually come in three types to accommodate ranged, melee, and tactical classes. The glowing aureate hoop of willpower for tactical classes gives +40 will/fate, +20 vitality, +79 power, and +88 morale. The glowing aureate hoop of precision for hunters has +20 might/agility, +81.6 ICMR, +176 morale, and +124 ranged critical rating. The glowing aureate hoop of combat give +20 might/agility/vitality, +40.8 ICMR, +176 morale, and +124 melee critical rating. Again, nice stuff making this profession a good choice.

Glowing Aureate Ring Jewellery
The rings come in two types like the bracelets... one for tactical classes and one for melee. The glowing aureate band of tactics has +40 vitality/will, +20 fate, +6% tactical critical multiplier, and +124 tactical critical rating. The glowing aureate band of morale gives +40 vitality, +20 might/agility, +176 morale, and +124 parry rating.

Jewellers can make the sealed symbol of minor will and sealed symbol of will. These give +10 and +20 will respectively. I actually haven't seen much use for these symbols and they don't sell for much since people usually want morale/vitality symbols. Probably the only not useful thing that jewellers craft that I know of!

Legendary Items and Weapons
Jewellers can make champion runes and runekeeper weapons. The third age crafted legendaries don't usually sell for much and aren't worth their weight in mithril flakes... if you know what I mean ;) Personally this is the fault of Turbine more making the LI system suck big time... but I'm guessing some changes are coming. This could be a nice thing in the near future since there are tons of champs and runekeepers making the demand high.

Tokens are probably the most longstanding and greatest parts of having a jeweller. The tokens are those little consumable items that give your fellowship a boost to hope. The ALWAYS sell for great prices on the auction house. And since they are consumable, you never have to worry about them not being in demand. This alone makes having a jeweller worth it for me!

I have always been a big fan of the jeweller profession. If I had to pick only one, this would be it. If it's your first character or you aren't sure what to choose, I strongly recommend the jeweller profession. Be forewarned though, you never know what Turbine will do in the future. I'd still say this is a safe bet though, so don't fret overmuch!

I hope you found my LOTRO Professions Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other crafting topics or have other requests!

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