LOTRO Professions Guide:
Everything You Need to Know About the Tailor

In this part of the LOTRO Professions Guide we'll be taking a look at the Tailor profession. This is another one of those meh professions right now. I have no idea what the future holds... it could turn out being great, but right now I'm not too pleased. Kind of like the weaponsmith or woodworker, the tailor became pretty much trash after the Mines of Moria expansion came out. The introduction of radiance armour made crafter armour flat out junk. The crafted stuff simply doesn't have stats that are even comparable... but hey, you can still make a decent cloak right?

I'm going to touch on the high level Tailor stuff that you can craft since that's where most of the value in crafting comes from. Here are the top things a Tailor makes in my opinion:

     • Cloaks
     • Captain Armaments (flags, standards... you know)
     • Relics
     • Legendary Items

Crafted cloaks are still pretty good. You get better ones from instances now, but if you don't run those much then this is a good option. They don't sell for as much as they used to, but you can still make a little on the auction house if you're patient.

Captain Armaments
Probably one of the more useful aspects of the tailor. Captains MUST have the best flag to throw down, so these usually sell on the auction hall... although not for much lately.

This is actually the best relic for a PvMP minstrel in my opinion. Tailor's can craft a +10 and +20 fate relic. Unless you're already maxed out on fate, this is the one I would use for your DPS weapon and legendary item. They don't sell for a ton, but they do sell. This is the best aspect of this profession IMO.

Legendary Items
You can make burglar tools and rune-keeper bags with a tailor. As with most crafted legendary items, it's pretty much pointless. You can find them off of mob drops, so they don't sell for much... unless you luck out and get a rare set of legacies. Things could change and likely will, but until then, it sucks.

I can't really recommend this profession if it's your only one. If you've got some alts then it's ok, but I'd look at the jeweller, cook, or scholar if it's your first time through.

I hope you found my LOTRO Professions Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other crafting topics or have other requests!

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