LOTRO Quests Guide:
A Complete Guide to the Level 50 Champion Class Quests

This LOTRO quests guide will walk you through each quest in the series so you won't have to go back and forth or guess at what items you need to collect.

After completing all of the class quests you will get the Controlled Burn skill. This skill lasts for about a minute and a half and allows the champ to essentially keep the fervour stance bonus while being able to block/parry/evade. This skill is less critical than it used to be, but can still be a life saver in some instances and boss fights. I recommend getting it.

When you reach level 50 you will be able to start working the quest line (actually you can get the quests at level 45, but they are level 50 quests). At this point in the LOTRO quests guide, you need to head to your trainer. Your trainer will give you the starter quest which tells you to talk to Gwesgylliel in Lin Giliath, south of Esteldin.

Now you should have 2 quests: Articles of Valour and Implements of Daring. There are three stages to the quests. It used to come with a note in your inventory that told you what items you needed to gather, but not anymore. Luckily the LOTRO quests guide for the champion will take care of that!

Once you get the quests, you can begin gathering the necessary items. Only the items from the first set of quests are not tradable. The items for parts 2 and 3 can either be gathered or purchased (via the auction hall or other players). If you use this guide you can get them all at once and then turn in. No need to return to Gwesgylliel after each quest.

Below is the list of items you need to gather for each set of quests.

Part 1
These items are gathered like a regular quest. Once you have collected them all you'll see the quest checked off in your quest log.

     • 10 Sulfur-tinged Tarkrip Boots (Angmar)
     • 5 Notched Ongburz Swords (Orcs)
     • Tramug's Handaxe (Angmar)
     • Raillug's Frozen Hide (Misty Mountains)

The Tarkrip boots drop from the goblins in western Malenhand. Ongburz swords can be found on orcs pretty much anywhere. Tramug is a goblin found in the swamp of Malenhad pathing around location 1.0 S, 32.0 W. Raillug is a worm in the Misty Mountains found in the Northern Bruinen Source around 19.0 S, 2.5 W.

Part 2
These items can be gathered by killing mobs or by buying them. You can often find them on the auction house and can also barter for them with skirmish marks.

     • 20 Mottled Spider Mandibles (Angmar)
     • 15 Bubbling Drops (Angmar)
     • 20 Splintered Warg Claws (Angmar)
     • 20 Barbed Barghast Tails (Angmar)

As you can see these items are all found in Angmar. The spider mandibles drop from... spiders... around Gath Forthnir in Himbar. Barghast tails from the barghasts in Imlad Balchorth and splintered warg claws drop from the wargs all over the place. The bubbling droplets drop from slugs in eastern Malenhad near Gabilshathur.

Part 3
In this part of the LOTRO quests guide you're finally at the last stage of the class quest... and the most difficult. All of these items drop from bosses in Urugarth for champions. You can usually get them off of the auction house and again by bartering skirmish marks if you can't get a group together to farm them.

     • Bloodstained Tally Stick (Urugarth)
     • Insignia of Battle (Urugarth)
     • Flawless Scale of Lhugrien (Urugarth)
     • Sigil of War (Urugarth)

The bloodstained tally stick can be found on the bosses Grishakrum and Kughurz in Urugarth. The insignia of battle drops from Sorkrank and Burzfil, also in Urugarth. The flawless scale of Lhugrien is from the drake boss, Lhugrien. Last but not least the sigil of war is from Gruglok. Most of these are usually pretty cheap to buy, but the sigil of war can be pricey at times.

I hope you found my LOTRO Professions Guide helpful. I plan on continuing to add to it, so check back often! And as always, let me know if you ever want information on any other crafting topics or have other requests!

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