LOTRO Quests Guide:
A Complete Guide to the Level 50 Minstrel Class Quests

For this LOTRO quests guide we're covering the Minstrel class quests. The level 50 class quests are probably one of the most important things to do for your character. This guide will walk you through each quest in the series so you won't have to waste time going back and forth or guess at what items you need to collect.

Before we get started, you may be wondering why you would want to finish these quests...

Simple answer: After completing them you get one of the best legendary traits in the game. The minstrel's Fellowship's Heart skill is the best heal over time (HOT) skill. In fact it is a must for completing some instances in the Lord of the Rings Online. Follow the LOTRO quests guide and it'll be easy!

To start off, once you reach level 50 you will be able to start working the quest line (actually you can get the quests at level 45, but they are level 50 quests). At this point in the LOTRO quests guide, you need to head to your trainer. Your trainer will give you the starter quest which tells you to talk to Baillindiel in Celondim. Baillindiel is found on the docks near the minstrel trainer.

Now you should have 2 quests: Articles of Harmony and Implements of Song. There are three stages to the quest. It used to come with a note in your inventory that told you what items you needed to gather, but not anymore. Luckily the LOTRO quests guide for the minstrel will take care of that!

Once you get the quests, you can begin gathering the necessary items. Only the items from the first set of quests are not tradable. Then items for parts 2 and 3 can either be gathered or purchased (via the auction hall or other players). If you use this guide you can get them all at once and then turn in. No need to return to Baillindiel after each quest.

Below is the list of items you need to gather for each set of quests.

Part 1
These items are gathered like a regular quest. Once you have collected them all you'll see the quest checked off in your quest log.

     • 12 Matted Snow Beast Furs (Misty Mountains)
     • 12 Chipped Rockworm Fangs (Misty Mountains)
     • 5 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrip plates (Angmar)
     • Narglup's Blunted Tooth (Angmar)

The snow beast furs drop from the... guess... yep... snow beasts in the Misty Mountains ;) The rockworm fangs drop from the rockworms around the Northern Bruinen Source in the Misty Mountains... not the ones in the eastern parts of the MM. The brimstone tinged tarkrip plates can be found on the goblins in western area of Malenhad in Angmar. Narglup is a warg located just west of Malenhad, around location 2.0 N 36.8 W.

Part 2
These items can be gathered by killing mobs or by buying them. You can often find them on the auction house and can also barter for them with skirmish marks.

     • 20 Clouded Worm Eyes (Angmar)
     • 15 Revered Wight Remains (Angmar)
     • 5 Grisly Bat Talons (Angmar)
     • 15 Splintered Warg Claws (Angmar)
     • 5 Corrosive Droplets (Angmar)

As you can see these items are all found in Angmar. The clouded worm eyes drop from the worms in western Malenhad, wight remains from the dead in Imlad Balchorth, grisly bat talons from the bats around Gath Forthnir in Himbar, splintered warg claws from... well... wargs... and the corrosive droplets drop from slugs in eastern Malenhad near Gabilshathur.

Part 3
In this part of the LOTRO quests guide you're finally at the last stage of the class quest... and the most difficult. All of these items drop from bosses in Urugarth and Carn Dum. You can usually get them off of the auction house and again by bartering skirmish marks if you can't get a group together to farm them.

     • Ashen Gorgoroth Horn (Carn Dum)
     • Goblin Badge of Rank (Urugarth)
     • Emblem of Ritual (Urugarth)
     • Rune of Winged Dominance (Carn Dum)

The Ashen Gorgoroth Horn drop off of the troll boss Tarlug inside the castle of Carn Dum. The Goblin Badge of Rank is found on Akrur, a goblin boss early in Urugarth. The Emblem of Ritual drops from the final boss in Urugarth, Morthrang. Finally, the Rune of Winged Dominance... this tends to be one of the most expensive items to buy, ranging from around 8 to 16 gold. It is found on the morroval boss Mormoz inside of the castle of Carn Dum.

I hope you found my LOTRO Quests Guide helpful. As always, let me know if you want information on any other topics or have questions!

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