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Carn Dum

The LOTRO videos on this page show all of the major boss fights in the Carn Dum instance. It's one of the all time best instances in the game and is also a prime location for many of the level 50 class quest items. I encourage everyone to run this instance. It's a great time. It has some of the best boss fights that are more than just tank and spank or the current DPS race type fights.

Boss: Mordirith
Mordirith, the big boss of Carn Dum. This is a great fight, but very long. It's best to put most of the group in the corner. He has knockback and you can get knocked into the lava or far enough towards the door to get reset. The hardest parts are the trolls and at the end when he summons his helpers. Watch out for the damage reflect too. Hopefully this is one of those LOTRO videos that helps save you some time!

Boss: Helchgam
Helchgam is the watcher type boss in Carn Dum. He drops the putrid slime of Helchgam, so it's one of the more important fights. It's a very long fight and requires you to move from column to column. Basically, kill the tentacles then burn Helchgam until he breaks the column. Make sure you're off the column when it shakes or you're taking a swim in the death water!

Boss: Mormoz
This is the morroval boss that drops the rune of winged dominance. It's extremely easy. Just pull the boss and focus on her. Have the AOE and tank deal with the adds, but kill her as quickly as possible.

Boss: Azgoth
This is the morroval boss just before you get to Avalgaith (head north). She drops the iron gate key. Pretty straight up fight. Focus on the boss and kill the adds as they come.

Boss: Barashal
Barashal is the big troll boss. He drops the Carn Dum ornate gate key. He's a normal tank n' spank fight. Have the group stay against the wall. He'll randomly run off and smack someone sending them flying. Other than that it's quick and easy.

Boss: Gurthul
Gurthul is the last boss before you get to Mordirith. He's a bit of a pain. You need to fight the "fake" Gurthul's over and over until he finally comes out. It's just a long fight really. Get those blue FMs!

Boss: Rodakhan and Mura
Another of the fights in the castle, these two priestess/hillmen bosses are pretty easy. Initially only one fights. When she's almost dead the other comes out. I just kill the first one and then kill the healer. Have the champ interrupt the healer chick if needed.

Boss: Avalgaith
This boss is sort of optional in CD. He blocks the way to the castle if you are on your first time through without the keys. He's an easy fight. Kill all of the priests first and then simply burn him down.

Boss: Tarlug
Here is another troll boss. He is in the castle. Nothing special, just tank the boss and burn him down. He does the occasion knockback on a random fellowship member.

Boss: Tarlakh
This troll boss guards the door into the Castle of the Witch King. He calls three waves of various adds before he's active. The adds are the hardest part. You'll need some good AOE to make them easy. When he comes out it's just a tank n' spank.

Boss: Salvakh
You'll find Salvakh on your first run through if you don't have any keys after the Helchgam fight. He's easy. Just burn down the adds he brings out and then kill him.

Boss: Urro
Urro is an uruk boss. He'll be the first one you fight if you have no keys. It's a straight up fight. Kill the little pale folk when you start, then burn him down.

Hope you enjoyed the LOTRO videos for Carn Dum... See you over in the other instances!

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