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The LOTRO videos on this page show all of the major boss fights in the Fornost instance. Honestly, it's a fun instance but most people hate it. It's extremely long and the rewards are hardly worth the effort. It's more of a fans instance for now. If you like the history of Middle Earth then you'll enjoy exploring the old ruins of the once great city.

Boss: Remmenaeg
This is the big boss of the Fornost instance. It's a pretty fun fight. A little more involved than most fight to this point in the game. He has a few regen buffs that will keep him healed (unless you come in at a higher level!). To remove the buffs you have to light the 3 braziers with the flint that drops off of Einiora. When you go to light one he will come after you. It's a little tricky, but having two players light it at the same time works well. He'll go for one while the other lights it. After each is lit a bunch of mobs will spawn. Kill the adds and then move to the next brazier. Once all the braziers are lit it's a piece O' cake. Burn him down and you're done!

Boss: Einiora
This fight is very easy. You have an Angmarim lady with 3 barghasts. She'll send in the dogs, which you burn down one at a time. It's pretty obvious which one to kill since the others are invulnerable :) Once all the dogs are dead Einiora come out to play. Burn her down and you'll pick up the brazier flint. You'll need this for the final boss.

Boss: Rhavameldir
Rhavameldir is 4th boss you'll come to if you don't have the key. He's pretty easy if you're heavy on dps and have a good interrupt class like a champion. He'll do an induction where he looks like he's bending over on the ground. Interrupt this or he'll release one of the trolls located around the room. Other than that it's a quick and easy fight.

Boss: Megoriath
This is just a plain fun fight in my opinion. This guy is straight in the instance past the nasty darkwater ghost things. The trick is to keep your healer out of the water. He has a big knockback. If you go into the water you will be silenced. Just keep him away from the healer and it's an easy fight.

Boss: Zhurmat
Another easy fight. This goblin boss comes out of the back of the room when you pull the last lever. He'll bring a bunch of goblin buddies so burn those down quick. Take care of the adds and he's an easy kill.

Boss: Gurkamab
This is a troll boss on your way through if you don't have the key. You don't have to fight him but he's easy so why not? He's huge, but doesn't hit that hard! Kill his buddy and then burn him down... nothing to it.

Hope you enjoyed the LOTRO videos for Fornost... See you over in the other instances!

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