LOTRO Videos:
The Great Barrows Instance

The LOTRO videos on this page show the three major boss fights in the Great Barrows instance. It's a fun instance, but I would make sure you're the correct level! A lot of people have trouble in here because they aren't high enough level. You'll probably want to have some decent gear on at least the tank. Enjoy the spiders!

Boss: Gaerdring and Gaerthel
This is probably the first fight you'll come to in here. It's not difficult if you do it right. It's kind of the opposite of the way most MMORPG boss fights go. When all the adds come out you need to just stay on the boss. He'll just keep summoning them so don't bother trying to kill them. Make sure you have a good tank or champion to keep the adds off the healers while you burn down the boss.

Boss: Thardur the Ravager
This is the second boss you'll need to kill. This fight is actually a bit difficult. He summons several waves of adds and has some nasty stuns and power drains. Make sure your minstrel has power pots! It tends to be a long fight so if your minnie gets power drained and you don't have pots or a loremaster you'll probably wipe!

Boss: Sambrog
This is by far the easiest fight in the Great Barrows. Pure tank n' spank. I guess he does summon a spirit... but it's not much trouble. Just burn him down fast and it's a piece O' cake!

Hope you enjoyed the videos for the Great Barrows... See you over in the other instances!

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