LOTRO Videos:
Skumfil in the Mines of Moria

The LOTRO videos on this page show all of the major boss fights in the Mines of Moria Skumfil instance. I actually like this instance a lot. It has some great fights and gives some really good tier 3 and tier 4 relics from the bosses. There is also a teal cloak, the Pendevig-olog, that drops on occasion from Brumbereth.

Boss: Grimreaver
This is the boss you'll get if you take the right hand side. He's a bit of a pain. It helps to spread out and bring lots of ranged DPS. Personally I have a hunter ranged tank him since he's planted at the top of the trash heap. Have the AOE stay on top of the healer and clear out all of the adds that come. Kill them quickly as they heal the boss.

Boss: Brumbereth
This is the boss you'll find if you take the left side of Skumfil. There's an add that roots/stuns one fellowship player. You an kill it, but then another comes and does it again so I just leave one player locked down. Have the AOE kill the adds as the come, everyone else burn down Brumbereth as quickly as possible.

Boss: Grog Nestaduan Grothulun and Ulugon
This is a group of gredbyg bosses. I recommend killing the two with the lowest morale first. Then kill the other two. They hit pretty hard so kiting can help a lot.

Boss: Old Gnawer
This guy has a couple big cave claws with him. They will hit very hard, so it's best to kite them. Burn the cave claws down, then kill the boss.

Boss: Uammaethor
This boss has a couple of helpers to start with and summons little adds during the fight. I just focus on the boss and AOE burn the adds.

Boss: Bonetooth
This boss brings a few cave claw buddies with him. Tank the boss and burn those down. Then it's business as usual.

Hope you enjoyed the LOTRO videos for Skumfil in the Mines of Moria... See you over in the other instances!

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