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The LOTRO videos on this page show all of the major boss fights in the Urugarth instance. It's one of my favorite instances in the game and is also a prime location for many of the level 50 class quest items. I highly recommend it for many reasons, but it's really the first time to do a serious group instance. You'll learn a lot about grouping and your class here ;)

Boss: Lagmas
Lagmas is the final boss in Urugarth. If you have a good tank and AOE it's easy. He has dread so bring hope tokens. Periodically he will summon a bird add. Kill the adds when they come, then focus on the boss.

Boss: Morthrang
Morthrang guards the way to the final boss in Urugarth. I highly recommend using the key from Gruglok (arena boss) to take the passage where you killed Lhugrien. This will take you to the side entrance and you'll avoid all of the adds. If you don't do this, you'll have a rough time getting to Lagmas. From the side passage Morthrang brings two huge trolls. Kill them first and then deal with the boss.

Boss: Gruglok
Gruglok is the arena boss in Urugarth. You'll have to survive multiple stages that include trolls, melee uruks, and ranged uruks. There are also pale folk that annoyingly like to stun the healer. Survive these stages and Gruglok will come out to play. He's a straight up fight... the hard part is getting to him. Bring hope tokens for the dread and try to keep stun immunity on the tank and healer... or remove the poison that results in a stun.

Boss: Lhugrien
Lhugrien is the drake boss in Urugarth. She has a lot of dread so bring your tokens. Ranged DPS is nice here since she has a fire dot (damage over time) that gets anyone close to her. Otherwise this fight is a nice tank and spank. Not too hard.

Boss: Athpukh
Athpukh is the warg boss. The fight begins with Athpukh the warg keeper is inactive... but he sends in his warg. Kill the big warg. He summons helper wargs at three stages. Make sure to kill the adds before attacking the boss again. Once the wargs are down kill Athpukh as fast as you can. If you're slow he'll release a warg from the pens behind him. Deal with them quickly if you need to.

Boss: Grishakrum
This is an optional boss fight... you can go right past him if you don't need what he drops for your class quest. Grishakrum has a troll, ranged, and melee adds with him. Burn the ranged uruk, the troll, and then the melee adds. After that kill the boss!

Boss: Akrur
This guy guards the way to Lhugrien's roost. He summons goblin adds continuously so AOE those and just focus on the boss. If you don't have AOE then the tank will have to hold all the adds while you kill the boss as fast as poss-i-ble.

Boss: Dushkal
This is the troll boss in Urugarth. He brings two troll buddies with him immediately when the fight starts. Kill the adds then burn down the boss... nothing fancy.

Boss: Burzfil and Sorkrank
This is the first boss fight in Urugarth. There are two uruks to kill and they summon a flock of craban during the fight. Bring your AOE and just burn the birds down while focusing on one boss at a time.

Hope you enjoyed the LOTRO videos for Urugarth... See you over in the other instances!

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