LOTRO Videos:
Retake Weathertop Instance

The LOTRO videos on this page show the three major boss fights in the Weathertop instance. If you haven't done the Retake Weathertop Instance I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun and worthwhile.

Boss: Bub Hosh
This is the first boss in the instance. Pretty much a standard MMORPG game fight, just burn the boss. Right before he's about to die he'll run away and get some friends ;) You can follow him or just wait for him to come back. If you have a lot of dps you can finish him off when he comes back... he's almost dead anyway! Otherwise burn the adds and then finish him. Enjoy!

Boss: The Warg Keeper, Muz
This is the second boss in the instance. This is a very easy fight. It's easiest to kill the normal warg, then Muz, then the big warg.

Boss: Rigul and the Mountain Troll
This is the final boss fight. It's not too difficult, but you can get into trouble if you're not careful. Make sure you burn down the adds first. Get the ranged ones quick since they'll kill the minstrel. After that it's pretty easy... don't let the squishies get hit by the big guy and you'll be fine!

Hope you enjoyed the videos for Weathertop... See you over in the other instances!

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